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PACE Air Freight provides personalized and professional air freight ground transportation and temperature-controlled services to our clients in the freight forwarding, airline and pharmaceutical industries.

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PACE AIR FREIGHT Cincinnatti (CVG) has added 10,000 square feet - Our thermal mapped, climate controlled space has added 10,000’² of 20ºC warehouse facilities. Our existing 20ºC space has been converted to 5ºC giving us a total of 2,000’² of 5ºC. PACE CVG now offers 3 Refrigeration Units, Cummins Generator, Big Ass Fans, Fast Open Door, 3 - 10 ton gas fired unit’s ground mounted with dehumidifier, smoke detectors, thermostats (2 would do the job but a 3rd was added for redundancy).

Our customers deserve the very best in security, temperature control and reliablity. We built all of that into our PACE Cincinnati facility. When it comes to providing climate controlled warehouse facilities PACE takes pride in giving our clients the very best the industry has to offer. No matter what your refrigeration needs, PACE is here to protect your cargo and facilitate your warehouse and shipping requirements.

Need refrigeration solutions for your cargo?  Contact PACE AIR FREIGHT

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