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Meet Our Team

PACE Air Freight is family owned and operated and we treat you like part of our family. Our team takes pride in providing expert, professional service with a down to earth approach.


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Started in 1975, PACE AIR FREIGHT began with one man, one truck, and one unstoppable passion. That passion fueled the growth of PACE AIR FREIGHT into a company which provides dedicated, full truck load services to import/export freight forwarding companies throughout the United States.

Today PACE AIR FREIGHT still remains family owned and operated, giving clients the personalized service they deserve while applying the most highly advanced technology in the industry. PACE AIR FREIGHT takes pride in offering a variety of delicate and demanding transportation services including air freight and roller bed trailers that handle air craft containers of all kinds, as well as climate control trailers to ship sensitive cargo for protection during transit. Headquartered in Plainfield, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis, PACE offers next-day shipping service via domestic trucking to and from the markets of Chicago, IL, Cincinnati, OH, Indianapolis, IN, Lexington, KY and Louisville, KY. Additionally, PACE AIR FREIGHT also serves other markets as requested and currently authority 48 states.

As a technology driven company, PACE AIR FREIGHT is committed to raising the standards of security and delivery of critical cargo. Our cold chain team of experts can handle all of your temperature sensitive transportation needs using highly monitored and controlled coolers within our terminals, strict GMP practices, and trailers capable of multiple temperatures. In addition to the ability to handle climate control shipping, we also are committed to security and quality management for the pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences industries using our state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

PACE AIR FREIGHT specializes in time and temperature-sensitive cargo and climate controlled in-transit storage. We are a technology driven company who is raising the standards of security and delivery of critical cargo. Rest assured that we work directly with our customers to personalize a transportation solution that will meet your needs and budget.

Founder Robert Pfeffer


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