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PACE AIR FREIGHT Cincinnatti (CVG) has added 10,000 square feet - Our thermal mapped, climate controlled space has added 10,000’² of 20ºC warehouse facilities. Our existing 20ºC space has been converted to 5ºC giving us a total of 2,000’² of 5ºC. PACE CVG now offers 3 Refrigeration Units, Cummins Generator, Big Ass Fans, Fast Open Door, 3 - 10 ton gas fired unit’s ground mounted with dehumidifier, smoke detectors, thermostats (2 would do the job but a 3rd was added for redundancy).


April 8, 2014

Subject:Amended Documentation Cut-Off Times

                1600 CDT / Monday through Friday

                1400 CDT / Sunday’s

                Attempt Charges / $35.00 per Shipment

                Effective: Tuesday, 15APR14


SEVERE WEATHER UPDATES are posted on our home page at www.paceairfreight.com to keep you up to date regarding our ability to transport and if we were required to close a terminal due to severe weather or power outages.

pace snow2014

PACE IND received about 12” of heavy wet snow within a 24 hour period. Temperatures plummeted to  -15 below with wind chills at -40 below. PACE IND offices were closed on Monday, January 6, 2014, as the employees worked long hours to clear the parking lots and equipment yard. 

Pace Air Freight Green Initiatives

At PACE AIR FREIGHT, we take our responsibilities seriously, from tracking to ensure on time shipments, regulating temperature-sensitive shipping to conserving energy and managing a healthier footprint. Green initiatives are necessary and PACE AIR FREIGHT cares.

Above: Recharging Electric Trailer

PACE AIR FREIGHT provides dry ice and temperature sensitive packing replenishment services to ensure goods are protected around the clock. If shipments are delayed due to weather or customs, call PACE AIR FREIGHT, our professionals will oversee that your cold chain fulfillment is handled efficiently.

Dry Ice Replenishment

Applicable April 15, 2014
PACE ORD has amended cut-off times and attempt charges.
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PACE AIR FREIGHT utilizes the most advanced multi temp trailers, GPS and real-time temperature tracking system with two-way commands to monitor, protect and track cargo to required specifications.

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