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Pace Air Freight Green Initiatives

At PACE AIR FREIGHT, we take our responsibilities seriously, from tracking to ensure on time shipments, regulating temperature-sensitive shipping to conserving energy and managing a healthier footprint. Green initiatives are necessary and PACE AIR FREIGHT cares.

Above: Recharging Electric Trailer

  • Double floored cooler trailers use less energy to stay cold in hot climates
  • In-house temperature validations ensure proper temperatures without using unnecessary energy consumption
  • Electric trailers save on fuel, are cleaner to run and some reefer trailers can be switched between diesel and auxiliary electrical power. 
  • All new tractors have emissions control (compliant with California emissions)
  • Under-carriage air dams to deflect air, thus saving on fuel. (compliant with California emissions)
  • Review of weekly idle reports for tractors – looking for idle times over 10 minutes
  • Recycle products such as oil & tires
  • Reducing paper consumption by converting to digital email invoicing (Coming Soon)


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