Pace Air Freight, Inc
Pace Air Freight, Inc

(Photos: Biomedical freezers secured in the Specialized Pharma Electrified Response Vehicle)

December 15, 2020, Plainfield, IN - Announces the immediate availability of a Specialized Pharma Electrified Response Vehicle. This first-generation trailer is part of a new fleet of PACE AIR FREIGHT trailers that utilize electrical power, making it possible to transport biomedical freezers. A pair of backup generators provides redundancy to protect the COVID-19 vaccines being transported in freezers. This PACE AIR FREIGHT specialized trailer offers an on-board workstation, making it possible for healthcare workers to distribute inoculations from the trailer and allowing the flexibility of relocation as needed.

Robert Pfeffer Sr., President at PACE AIR FREIGHT said, "We have you covered. We can have this state-of-the-art trailer anywhere in Indiana within 3 hours. Temperature is not an issue with this piece of equipment."

One of a Kind

Originally designed for sample relocation, it has evolved into relocating labs and can now be used for transportation and distribution of vaccines to a mass inoculation site. This state-of-the-art trailer provides a fully redundant electrical and temperature control system. This is accomplished thanks to a host refrigeration unit backed up by two additional refrigeration units. The generators provide power to 14 electrical outlets and the onboard computer workstation. A lift gate allows ground level distribution at any location. To keep the vaccines secure, there are capabilities for cameras with DVR functionality, temperature and GPS monitoring. PACE AIR FREIGHT also offers independent trackers with real time freezer monitoring, alarm capabilities, GPS location and customer visibility.

Specialized Pharma Electrified Response Vehicle Availability

PACE AIR FREIGHT has responded to an industry need by designing this first generation of a unique fleet of trailers and it is available for immediate deployment.

Founded in 1974, with four Midwest locations, PACE AIR FREIGHT specializes in transporting temperature-sensitive cargo. PACE AIR FREIGHT believes it is their fiduciary responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public through an efficient and secure cold chain management process.

Pace Air Freight, Inc
Pace Air Freight, Inc

(Photos: On-board electrical panel and I.T. cabinet)

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