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Pace Tracker by Pace Air Freight

PACE Tracker offers you superior real-time web based and smart phone GPS tracking solutions, empowering you to efficiently manage mobile assets, lower operation expenses, and improve personnel accountability. You can track and monitor live or view over 24 months of historical data with the easy to use software. PACE Tracker delivers comprehensive asset management solutions for any application in 12 languages and in 16 countries worldwide.

Freight Tracking

  • The PACE Tracker can be attached to the trailer of your freight or embedded within your cargo to track and protect against theft and other environmental disturbances.
  • The device is airline and ocean approved for both domestic and international tracking.
  • Battery life is 6-9 months
  • Fully customizable to meet your requirements with various tracking and reporting options.
  • You track and monitor your cargo in real time either online or using an Android or iOS app.
  • Preferred route settings ensure tracker alerts if cargo deviates from the pre-determined route.

What You Can Monitor

  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Humidity
  • GPS location
  • See if cargo is moving and at what speed
  • G-force
  • All data stored for 24 months with immediate recall ability
  • Customized route settings will alert you via email if tracker deviates from pre-determined route.
  • Pre-set various alarm settings - PACE Tracker will email you when the temperature goes out of range, when it hits light, when it deviates from route, etc.

 Characteristics of the Tracking Software

  • Complete GPS real time tracking
  • Immediate reduction of vehicle operating expenses
  • Full system access anywhere you have Internet connectivity
  • Built in multi-language support with on-line help tutorial (US, ESP, UK, GER, FR, RUS,  IT, PL, CZ, SK)
  • Easy to use web based software
  • Exact tracking of speed traveled
  • Automatically assigning address to actual geographic positions
  • Scheduled automated reports
  • SSL encryption of all data transmissions

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