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Our worldwide presence ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency compliance adherence required to ensure your production timelines are met.

Cold Chain Freight

PACE Air Freight understands the importance of meeting the standards of the freight air and ground transportation industry. We combine transport execution with transport management services to meet all your needs. We will monitor your shipments throughout their journey and ensure your goods are always traveling on the most efficient route. Our network provides flexibility, great service levels, accelerated delivery, reduced direct and indirect costs and takes the complexity out of the cold chain process. Rest assured that we will work with you to personalize a transportation solution that will meet your needs and budget.

Meeting temperature-control challenges starts with reliable equipment. PACE utilizes only the highest quality, validated equipment to ensure compliance of product stability and minimize the cost of operation. PACE’s fleet features state-of-the-art Volvo tractors and modern Great Dane and Utility trailers. Our Volvo tractors feature a fuel-efficient engine and transmission designed to make drivers more productive, always monitoring grade, speed, weight, and engine load, shifting when necessary or holding a gear – whichever saves more fuel. Regardless of whether the trailer is fully or partially loaded our Volvo tractors deliver the perfect combination of power and reliability PACE customers have come to demand.

PACE’s knowledge of the cold chain provides confidence well beyond compliance. PACE believes innovation starts with creative thinking in evolutionary and revolutionary problem-solving. PACE offers multiple options for customized equipment to save time and protect the quality and integrity of your cargo. Need something special? Talk to us, we can always offer a solution.

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Refrigerated Roller-Bed Trailer

Our unique, custom-made roller-bed reefers ensure that your plane-side recovery time is the fastest and most secure in the industry. This is important when time and temperature control are required for the life of your cargo. Your large-capacity cargo containers (as large as 96″ wide x 125″ long) can be transported from the airport directly to the dock of the final destination. Your climate-sensitive cargo experiences limited exposure to elements that can compromise the integrity of your shipment.

Electrified Refrigerated Roller-Bed Trailer

Transferring your temperature-controlled cargo promptly and effectively is a breeze. We eliminate the risk of excursions from sitting in the hot sun & the cost of breaking up your cargo into multiple containers. Our custom-made electrified roller-bed refrigerated trailer moves ULD containers up to 96″ wide and 125″ long. These trailers give us the capability to charge or pre-condition ULD’s during transport. This allows for a customer’s active container to arrive preconditioned and fully charged thus cutting down on time and cost.

Lab Relocation Trailer

Designed and built unlike any other trailer to provide a solution for shipping temperature-sensitive biological materials and pharmaceutical ingredients. This custom trailer is equipped with two (2) backup refrigeration units, two (2) 20KW generators, a sliding liftgate, and twelve (12) Electrical plug-ins to supply power to biomedical refrigerators and freezers on board.

There are many sources available for maintaining temperature control packaging and transporting. The PACE team is qualified to handle your cargo and all types of packaging and has been certified with Envirotainer.

e2 container: Designed for the most extreme requirements of the healthcare industry, the e2 container maintains product temperatures in the 15°C to 25°C range, in a controlled cold room or 2°C to 8°C range and validated refrigeration storage environment in nearly any ambient condition appearing along shipping routes globally. The container is a certified air cargo ULD (Unit Load Device), ensuring seamless handling throughout the supply chain worldwide. The unit can be carried on board the most common wide-body aircraft types.

t2 container: the t2 container provides accurate and reliable protection for large shipments of temperature-sensitive products. With an external dimension of (L x W x H) 3170 x 2230 x 1620mm, 125 x 88 x 64 inches, the t2 container is the largest container at our disposal. The container can be lifted by a forklift only when empty and is most commonly handled with PACE roller-beds.

Less Than Truck Load – LTL

Serving the Airport Cities and Surrounding Markets to/from and in-between CVG, IND, LEX, ORD and SDF.

  • Next-Day Morning Service to Most Scheduled Points.
  • Climate-Control / Pharma and BioScience
  • TSA Certified
  • Dangerous Goods Endorsed
  • S. Customs Bonded
  • Roller-Bed Trailer Assets Offering ULD Position Service and Pricing
  • Company Personnel and Owned Equipment.
  • Service Excellence to Ensure Timely and Reliable Arrivals
  • 24 Hours / Seven Days per Week / 365 Days per Year Coverage

Full Truck Load

Serving the Airport Cities and Surrounding Markets to/from and in-between CVG, IND, LEX, ORD and SDF.

  • Next-Day Morning Service to Most Scheduled Points
  • Climate-Control / Pharma and BioScience
  • TSA Certified
  • Dangerous Goods Endorsed
  • S. Customs Bonded
  • Same Day / Exclusive-Use Offered (Availability Upon Request)
  • Trailer Assets / Climate-Control, Climate-Control/Roller-Bed, Dry-Van, Roller-Bed
  • Also Offering 48 States Authority and Canada
  • Company Owned and Owned Equipment
  • Service Excellence to Ensure Timely and Reliable Arrivals
  • 24 Hours / Seven Days per Week / 365 Days per Year Coverage

We are constantly being challenged by our partners to mediate risk, reduce cost, and improve security. For reasons of security, we will not identify those security measures here, but suffice it to say, we have many different platforms. For details, ask a PACE cold chain management expert.

TSA Certified Cargo Screening

Under the Certified Cargo Screening Program, TSA has certified PACE Air Freight as a cargo screening facility to screen cargo prior to providing it to airlines for shipment on flights. With this program offered at PACE, we are able to cut down on wait times at the airport by scanning your cargo on-site and delivering directly to the airline.

PACE believes being the best includes investing in technology. PACE’s “Smart Monitoring Solutions” utilize independent GPS tracking devices to track internal temperature, light intensity, sub-atmospheric pressure and humidity in order to provide visibility and proof of shipment stability. While PACE’s shipping and data-management devices are providing real-time visibility into the status and condition of shipments, PACE continues to look for ways to help open access to larger amounts of location and temperature data.

Live GPS Tracking & Monitoring

You can gain a new level of control over shipments with real-time insight into your payload throughout its journey.

  • Secure digital end-to-end visibility solutions
  • Single-use chemical temperature indicators
  • Real-time digital temperature probes
  • Real-time end-to-end visibility dashboard
  • Proactive mobile status alerts
  • Delivery verification with signatures saved for up to 7 years

Advanced Monitoring & Recovery with PACE Tracker

PACE’s enhanced software management services include geofencing capabilities, thermal mapping, cooling redundancy and added security. Shipments may be monitored and viewed by customers through the convenience of our PACE Tracker mobile app available on Android smartphones or via the Web.

  • 45 Countries Worldwide
  • 12 Languages
  • 24 Months of Historical Data

Live 24/7 Monitoring

Live agents at our Command Center provide 24/7 monitoring on all PACE coolers and trailers. Our telematics program provides intervention services for your most critical shipments when you choose PACE Premier. Included, are capabilities to start/stop refers, lock/unlock a trailer, change a temperature setting and much more. This can all be done remotely with the click of a button through TracKing Celtrak.


Advanced Technology

Whether it’s the next-generation data loggers, the rollout of 5G-enabled sensors, or future strategic alignment with ATP and developments in Blockchain technology, PACE continues to stay ahead of the Cold-Chain advancements curve in order to meet the needs presented by industry-leading biopharma, medical device, and diagnostic companies.

Pre-configured handling instructions allow the PACE team to effectively locate your package and quickly take action on distressed shipments within the network, mitigating risk for even your most fragile payloads.

PACE provides fast, reliable, validated planeside recovery 365 days a year. Our roller beds streamline planeside recovery for a safe and effective way to protect your products from ambient conditions. 

Dedicated Customer Teams & An Agile Services

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