What Makes Us Different


Reduce container amount

We not only optimize domestic shipments but international shipments as well. At company, we can significantly reduce the number of containers you ship each week without sacrificing the amount of freight shipped. We can achieve this through optimize loading and storing methods that ensure you only pay for the space you need.

Reducing warehouse needs

With our management operation you can significantly reduce the amount of on hand material and warehousing and get the right freight you need when you need it.

Less stops less miles traveled

Our strategic facility network reduces the distance and transmit time your freight experiences. On average we reduce our customer transit time by 18%.

Engineered strategies

What makes us different from our competitors is that we use integrated customer release data to develop innovative and dynamic solutions. We use logistics plans to plan execute and evaluate your network on a continuous basis.

Pay only a portion

Why pay more for then you need, with our LTL consolidation program you pay for the space you use. Our by the foot model gives you control over your shipment, reduces risk from freight handling, and allows you the flexibility and scalability to ship as much as you need.

Reduce truck amount

At company, optimization is our specialty. We use tools like load bars and logistics post trailers to ensure you are getting the most out of each shipment. Fully optimized trailers mean fewer trucks and ultimately greater savings.

Reduce CO2 emissions

We take sustainability seriously and strive to not only reduce your spend on each shipment, but reduce your carbon footprint as well. Our shipment models significantly reduce the number of trucks our customers use as well as the number of miles each truck travels resulting in fewer CO2 emissions.

Reduce damages

Our strong facility network is strategically planned to reduce the number of touches your freight receives and significantly reduces handling risks in transit.

No wasted time at customs

Our cross-border experts use detailed information to process the documents needed for flawless shipments. We use streamlined processes, part level validation and verification, along with personal customs border agents to move your freight across the border quickly, carefully, and securely.

Make a difference

We work with humanitarian organizations around the world to help low- and middle-income countries get the critical healthcare supplies they need to fight COVID-19, HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, reproductive health issues, and more.


Single-Provider Solution

Whether your needs are regional or global or you ship small package, freight, or both — we offer a single integrated global carrier solution with a suite of services that help you execute your humanitarian initiatives from end to end.

Cold Chain Capabilities

Our broad cold chain capability includes packaging, transportation, and monitoring of virtually any temperature requirement, be it ambient, 15°C to 25°C, 2°C to 8°C, -20°C to -80°C, or colder.

Compliance Expertise

We bring expertise in clearing duty-free shipments of donated goods, including advanced preparation documents and approval procedures that vary by country.

In-Country Logistics

We provide in-country logistics solutions from planned national distributions to ad hoc solutions like temporary warehousing. We vet local partners to ensure they are successful businesses who support the economy by employing local talent and labor.

Humanitarian Logistics

Helping get humanitarian aid to those who need it most. We help lower income countries implement logistics solutions so they can receive, store, distribute, and administer frozen and ultra-cold COVID-19 vaccines and commodities. We consult with NGOs and ministries of health on last mile delivery solutions that help close the gap between healthcare commodities and the people who need them.

Implementing Green Initiatives

We take our responsibilities of conserving energy and managing a healthier footprint seriously. From PACE tracking to ensure on-time shipments to regulating temperature-sensitive shipments Our double floored cooler trailers use less energy to stay cold in hot climates. In-house temperature validations ensure proper temperatures without using unnecessary energy consumption. All new tractors have emissions control and under-carriage air dams to deflect air, saving on fuel. (compliant with California emissions). Review of weekly tractor idle reports (over 10 minutes). We recycle products such as oil & tires. And we are reducing paper consumption by converting to digital documentation.

Safeguarding Biological Samples

We collaborate with ministries of health and NGO partners to redesign supply chains and use of technology to support biological sample handling.

Implementing Visibility Solutions

We’re working to implement tracking and monitoring technology solutions that enhance visibility in the low-resource areas we serve.

Continuously Improving Logistics

We work with procurement agents, donors and ministries of health to continuously enhance logistics solutions for HIV, malaria, and reproductive health programs in low-income countries.

Customer-Centric Solutions

Creating customized solutions and putting them to work for you and your bottom line

Operational Excellence

Trusted and respected business partner within the Indian Supply Chain sector since 4 decades

Timely Decision Making

Responsiveness at all levels with clearly defined roles and responsibilities

Transparency & Integrity

Visibility in the entire value chain with a Real Time On-Demand MIS


We do more than deliver your cargo, we also deliver what we say. Taking care of our customers and building long term client relationships are just a couple reasons why we have been around for over 40 years.


When it comes to your products being protected, monitored & secure, you will always know the peace of mind that only comes through working with a reliable logistics partner. Your cargo is in good hands. Pace Air Freight strives to deliver the lowest rates without compromising quality.

Innovation & Technology

Pace Air Freight is strategically positioned at 4 international airports to ensure that even the most time sensitive shipments are expedited to their destination. We have built dependability into our daily routine.

Cold Chain Storage Expertise

Don’t leave the viability of your critical healthcare goods to chance. With 20+ years of healthcare experience, we can help you plan for the right cold chain storage infrastructure to support your needs.

Global Storage Network

Whatever your footprint, we can manage your cold chain inventory through our extensive network of Cold Chain Storage facilities strategically located near key transportation hubs across the globe.

Quality Assurance

We help protect your global cold chain freight shipments with an integrated global Quality Management System (QMS) designed to maintain the safety and efficacy of your highly regulated healthcare products while helping you improve performance over time.

Advanced Contingency Planning

If any sign of a potential excursion presents itself, our team stands ready to intervene with a configurable recovery protocol we set up with you in advance.

Carrier Procurement

We work with leading air and ocean freight carriers and cold chain container vendors around the globe. We evaluate them against your time and temperature needs, negotiate competitive pricing, and manage multi-carrier relationships and MLAs from end to end.

Risk Mitigation

Our team of dedicated cold chain freight forwarding experts help protect shipments from temperature excursions. Services include route risk assessment, visibility enhancement, milestone monitoring, pre-configured recovery plans, and more.

Regulatory Support

With regulations constantly changing, you can rest easy knowing our team is on top of them. We have deep experience in compliance regulations, global SOPs, and cold chain infrastructure, as well as relationships with 80+ regulatory agencies around the globe.

Procuring better carriers and Rates

Company cultivates relationships with our carrier base through the role of our regionally based carrier development managers each CDM collaborates with custom focused account procurement managers responsible for contract management, bid management, quality control, reporting and special projects. Together these two groups ensure exceptional services provided and expectations are met for both the carrier and customer